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Why are people choosing Labtest?


We offer thousands of medical lab tests in an affordable, convenient and confidential manner. The results are very reliable, we use only federally and state certified clinical laboratories, the same laboratories used by doctors and hospitals


Helping families in all States

Family health care is a big concern, especially when it comes to healthcare costs. MY LABTEST’s affordable, upfront prices fit into a person’s healthcare budget, providing a solution that continues to support overall health and wellness. MY LABTEST partners with many major, high-quality laboratories throughout the U.S. to provide affordable and comprehensive lab testing services directly.

  • Cholesterol Tests
  • Allergy Tests.
  • Hepatitis B Tests
  • Sensitivity and Intolerance Tests.
  • Sexual Health Lab Tests
  • Pregnancy Lab Tests.

2018 Quick Report


Ahora en 47 estados

We now have laboratories in all 47 states for your convenience and faster lab results.

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Avoid the hassle of setting an appointment, or spending the day in your doctor’s waiting room, by having one of our Representatives provide the lab tests and results you require.