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    Thyroid Stimulating Hormone TSH


    Test Details


    • Third-generation TSH
    • Thyrotropin


    Thyroid function test. Investigation of low thyroxine (T4) result; the differential diagnosis of primary hypothyroidism from normal, and the differential diagnosis of primary hypothyroidism from pituitary/hypothalamic hypothyroidism. TSH is high in primary hypothyroidism. Low TSH occurs in hyperthyroidism. Evaluation of therapy in hypothyroid patients receiving various thyroid hormone preparations: Low values are found in states of excessive thyroid replacement. Normal result on a sensitive TSH assay is acceptable evidence of adequate thyroid replacement.

    Follow-up of patients who have had hyperthyroidism treated with radioiodine or surgery. Follow-up low T4 newborn results.

    This third-generation TSH assay can be considered a test for thyroid disease. A result within the accepted reference interval provides strong evidence for euthyroidism.

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